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ServerWide TF2 playing days /times
the reward system is a little confusing, if someone could make a video that shows the process, that would help my tired brain
Step 1: /tf2 setid <yourSteamIdHere>
Step 2: /tf2 claim
Step 3: Profit $$

You can check your stats beforehand with /tf2 stats.

Each new kill awards Bottle O' Enchanting.
Each new headshot awards Diamond.
Highest kill-streak score awards Sponge.
Highest points score awards money. If you die a lot your points can actually go down, which will cause you to lose money!

i dont know what this means, is it bad?

heres a pic

sorry, I dont play tf2 very often

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Dbz you did /tf2 setid with a computer that wasnt the one you play TF2 on.
but... ive never played it on any other comp.....

EDIT:problem solved

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