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Telepads on creative
Hi guys, I recently had an idea, what about adding telepads on creative? I suggest this because I find it unfortunate that some builds that have taken hours to build are never seen, like the NumbersHunter's giant Yu-Gi-Og card. Everyone could have a telepad if their builds look cool, of course. In general, the first thing guests go look at is the creative world. If they could see our finest realirations, maybe they would cling more to the server. Tell me what you think!
Just type /plotme home:(1,2,3) (Username) To see that persons plot.


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Plots can always be cleared and reset, so there's no guarantee that telepads will remain forever linked. That said, we could use warps, but the content of plots can always change.

Also, setting them up isn't exactly an automated process. We could maybe advertise the command Chilli posted instead. If that sounds good, post a quick request in the suggestions forum.
You could just put the telepads in the road instead, or maybe adding a wall with the commands to see the best creations
Actually, I like the wall idea. It would require that someone goes around and scouts the best builds, find the owner, and writes all the /plot home:[number] [name] of all the best builds in one place. We could also put a warp there. We notify the owner that their plot is on the "best builds" list, and if they reset it, then we can remove it from the list easily because there will be only one build per sign.

I might formalize this suggestion unless Qc wants to do it.
CATSOF =^..^=
TB was here <3
As far as I remember, there is a builder list or something at creative spawn. You can try to redesign that.
Also, thanks for mentioning me :3 It took a week to make :d
(03-02-2013, 11:42 AM)chilli50 Wrote: Just type /plotme home:(1,2,3) (Username) To see that persons plot.

Sometimes, what is obvious to us, isn't always that obvious to noobs on the server. Plus, not knowing anyone, they would just chose random users until they find one interesting... which can be a while. I know a lot of people (including myself) use creative just to test some stuff.
Wall sounds reasonable (we have a Top Builders wall already), I'm just not sure how we'd set it up to use PlotMe commands. But at least that way if a plot got removed, the command won't work. Staff could cycle through them occasionally for cleared/unused plots.

Imo we have enough warps already. Editing roads in Creative generally isn't a good idea, PlotMe likes to reset them occasionally.

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