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Poll: Which entry should win this contest?
This poll is closed.
Santa's Icy Workshop by AOCap
6 35.29%
Santa's festive wonderland by namimori
11 64.71%
Total 17 vote(s) 100%
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Santa's Workshop (Contest)
Time to vote on the best submission from the Santa's Workshop contest! Look over each entry carefully before making a selection in the poll above. Candidates may vote for themselves or others. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by the contest organizer.

UPDATE: The winner of this competition will receive his/her entry featured at spawn on Xmas!

Santa's Icy Workshop by AOCap

Santa's festive wonderland by namimori
Maybe if AOCap had some cool pictures inside of the houses, he could've won my vote. Also, if it was going to be placed near spawn, I would like to be able to get inside the workshop. Namimori's is great because you can get inside it. AOCap has a huge pyramid that blocks off he workshop. :/

If I had enough time, I could've entered one in. On my plot, there would've been a pole that says north pole and under it would be the work shop, except you cant see it if you on the surface. Like I said, if I had enough time; school and stuff going on.
Brotherly Love...
There is a small entrance to my workshop, though it is hard to see from the screenshot. Also, if you were referring to the ice surrounding the workshop as the pyramid, it was meant as a "dome" to encase the interior. I understand why people would think of it as something else, as this is a strange (but interesting) design for the workshop.
Congratulations to namimori for winning this contest! Please contact me in-game to claim your prizes!

Your build is featured at spawn. Access it with /warp santa!
Hi! Some players told me not to ask this question and just enjoy it, but I was told I could find 16 diamonds per 24h in the santa warp. I now receive notice that I must wait 24h before getting more diamonds BUT I can still get more diamonds anyways. I'm at 19 diamonds in 24h.

I'm just wondering if this is ok incase someone is loosing diamonds on the other side of the chests.

EDIT: I now have a total of 24 diamonds.
Those diamonds are from "Loot Chest".
HappyPikachu just thought about being nice enough to put diamonds in the chest for Christmas, since that is over, he will be removing the chests AND the Santa Workshop when it's the day to remove.
I'm the snow golem in the screenshots...
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