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TF2Trading Guide
TheDemon's Beginner's Guide To Trading Version 1.337 (February 2015)

In this guide we will cover the following:
What Is The Currency On Tf2?
How Can I Determine A Price On My Items?
How Can I Make A Profit?
What Are Keys?
What Are Your Preferences?
Are There Helpful Sites?
How Do I Craft?
What Is Untradable and Uncraftable?
and more!

Note: All trading is based on patience and is not for people who has an attention span of 30 minutes cause it may take a while when you first start out!

Also use the wiki!

A Great Tf2 Youtube Channel!

Let's Start Out With: The Basics

So when you first start out the game you may be wondering what this "Scrap" is doing in your inventory. Well this "Scrap" is part of the currency that makes up Team Fortress 2!

You may be asking: But isn't there more than scrap? And the answer is yes. The base currency is metal, and there are 3 types of metal:
Scrap =.11 Refined
Reclaimed = .33 Refined
and Refined = 1 Refined
When you get 3 scrap you can go to your inventory interface and then click the crafting button. Then click "Combine Scrap Metal" you combine 3 scrap to make a reclaimed. You can do the same with 3 reclaimed to make a refined but after that there are no more metals

What is Untradable and Uncraftable Mean?
Well an item with the 'Untradable' tag can mean a couple of things. One it could happen if you craft and item using untradable metal, and the way you do that is if you craft an achievement weapon to make a scrap. It also can mean 'Untradable' if it is an achievement item such as the Black Rose. Uncraftable is a tag that means you cannot put it in any crafting recipe. The term uncraftable is often known in the trading community as a 'Dirty Item' and can be associated with hats, weapons, and miscellaneous items. Uncraftable items are worth a significantly lower in price so don't be fooled by scammers!
What Are Keys?
Keys are items that are obtainable through the Mann Co. Store for $2.49 (Or cheaper on the community market) and they are used on crates to unbox items. They usually are not used for unboxing though. It is also a form of currency that fluxuates and are currently 14.66(14 refined + 2 reclaimed)-15 (15 refined) . Usually keys are used for higher tier trades such as Bill's Hats but we will talk about that a little later.

How Do I Determine A Price On My Items?
When you first venture onto a trading server you may be confused and a little intimidated when you first see all the fast pace action going on. But do not fret there is a site to make sure you don't get scammed! is a great website when you first start out. There may be some people who do not like to trade with people that use the spreadsheet prices, but don't worry most people follow the prices there.

What Does "Clean"/"Dirty" Mean?
When something is clean it is free of tags such as (uncraftable) and "Gifted By:". If you see an item with any of those tags when you hover over the item it is known as dirty/gifted. If an item is dirty/gifted it is generally harder to sell and sells at a reduced price. When I'm buying gifted items I usually take half the value of a clean one. When buying dirty items consult as the prices can vary.

How Do I Craft?
There are many different things to craft. You can craft hats weapons and other items. When you first click the craft option you will see something like this [Image:]

Here are some of the recipes that are commonly used.


Smelt Class Weapon
Requires: 2 weapons of the same class
Example: Brass Beast and Killing Gloves of Boxing
Creates: 1 Scrap

Combine Scrap Metal
Requires: 3 Scrap
Creates: 1 Reclaimed
Cost: 6 Weapons

Combine Reclaimed Metal
Requires: 3 Reclaimed
Creates: 1 Refined
Cost: 18 Weapons

Smelt Refined Metal:
Requires: 1 Refined
Creates: 3 Reclaimed

Smelt Reclaimed:
Requires: 1 Reclaimed
Creates: 1 Scrap


Fabricate Class Token
Requires: Any 3 Items Wielded By That Same Class
Example: 3 Rocket Launchers = Soldier Class Token
Creates: Class Token
Note: It Doesn't Just Have To Be Primary Weapons, It Can Be A Mixture.

Rebuild Class Token
Requires: Any 1 Class Token and any 1 weapon belonging to an alternative class
Example: Sniper Class Token + Minigun = Heavy Class Token
Creates: Different Class Token

Fabricate Slot Token:
Requires: Any 3 weapons equipped in the same slot
Example: Minigun + Huntsman + Diamondback = Primary Slot Token
Creates: Slot Token

Rebuild Slot Token:
Requires: Any 1 Slot Token and any 1 weapon equipped to an alternative slot
Example: Primary Slot Token + Sandvich = Secondary Slot Token
Note: Follows the same rules as a class token

Smelt Tokens:
Requires: Any 3 tokens
Example: Primary Token + Scout Token + Sniper Token
Creates: 1 Reclaimed

These Are Just A Couple Of Recipes, For A Full List Click Here!

How Do I Make A Profit?
We Will Cover The Following Methods:
Scrap Banking
Craftable Hats

Scrap Banking:
Requirements: A Good Amount Of Scrap Metal

Note: For This Example You Need To Have 2 Different Trade Servers In Your List. We Will Use Trade Server 1 And Trade Server 2

How To: You will log into "Server 1" and say "Scrap Banking" and people will trade you. You accept the trade and ask for 2 weapons and give them one scrap. You will have obtained 2 weapons from this trade for one of your scrap.

Log Onto Server 2 and say "Selling Weapons 1 Scrap Each!" When people trade you then you put up one of the weapons you obtained from "Server 1" and they will give you a scrap. You essentially make 1 scrap profit per weapon. Make sure you check the prices of your weapons with the spread sheet to make sure they are all 1 scrap of value and not over that.

Note: Never Trade Vintage Items In Scrap Banking!

Craft Hats
This method is a little more complex but can be a bigger payout.

How To: Log onto any server and say "Buying Craft Hats 1 Refined Each!" when people trade you they will put up a hat and you will give them a refined. But before you trade hover your mouse over the hat and make sure it DOESN'T say "(Not Used In Crafting)" if an item says that it is considered a "Dirty" item and is unusable in any crafting recipe and is a considerably lower value than a craftable item.

Once you obtain 2 craft hats you will craft them together to obtain a random item.

NOTE!: You can lose a profit from this and is not a safe method, it is a form of gambling. When I did this I got an item worth 2.33 Refined. So In about 5 minutes I gained a reclaimed, and although this is faster it is way more dangerous

If someone has an item worth 2 refined you buy it off them at a slightly lower price of let's just say 1.66 and then re-sell it on a different server for full value. It's a quick way of using trading knowledge to your advantage.

Quickbuying is when you are able to buy an item for a reduced price because you have pure metal/keys. When people have items some times it takes a bit of time to sell and they get impatient. And when they get impatient they start to panic and from there you are able to get some of the best deals in the game. You are able to go to a server and blatantly say you are looking to buy quick-sell items and you will get several trades in minutes. You can sometimes get between 20-50% discounts because people are looking for pure metal fast. Always make sure the item is squeaky clean just to make sure your not getting scammed.

What Is Unboxing?
So, You Want To Unbox An Unusual? Well I Got The Tips For You!

To obtain an item out of a crate you must use a "Mann Co Supply Crate Key" on a crate. You have around a .5-1% chance of obtaining an unusual


Although this is not a recommended idea by anyone it can have enormous payouts of hat's worth thousands of dollars of real life money. But i'll explain Unusuals Next!

What Are The Different Types Of Items I Can Have?

Normal - Normal quality is the item quality assigned to Stock weapons. These are the standard weapons that all players start with and are not stored in the backpack. Therefore they are the only available weapons if the game cannot connect to Steam.

Unique - Unique quality is the item quality assigned to items which can be found through random drops during gameplay, obtained through achievements, crafted, or purchased from the Mann Co. Store. As such, Unique is regarded as the "default" quality for items.

Vintage - Vintage is an item quality used most commonly to designate previously Unique items obtained prior to the Mann-Conomy Update, where it was introduced. This was to increase their appeal in trading.
In the March 15, 2011 Patch, several expensive crafting recipes were modified to be cheaper. To recognize items that had been crafted while the recipes were expensive, Valve upgraded them to Vintage quality.
In some cases, items that have been re-granted to users by Steam support (after being either accidentally deleted or stolen) were assigned Vintage quality.

Genuine - The Genuine item quality was originally introduced alongside the RIFT promotion as to distinguish items obtained through participation in a cross-game promotion or an in-game event, opposed to the same items gained via other methods such as random drops or crafting.

Strange - Strange quality is an item quality found on weapons obtained from unlocking Mann Co. Supply Crates of certain series, or receiving a botkiller weapon from Mann Up mode. Introduced in the Über Update on June 23, 2011 Patch, Strange weapons track kills and record them as an item attribute, allowing the count to be viewed by players. The weapon is then awarded a rank as the recorded count increases, with the rank affixed to the beginning of the item's name. Some Strange weapons track another action instead of kills, such as kill assists (see Notes below for exceptions). Additionally, some weapons have a second count to track other associated actions, such as Sentry Gun kills; however, the secondary count does not contribute toward rank progress. Each time the player achieves a new rank, it is announced to all players on the server with a message in the chat box; A notification pop-up also appears only for the player the weapon belongs to.

Unusual - Unusual quality is an item quality used on hats and some miscellaneous items with a special attached particle effect. There are currently 147 items that can have one of 31 total effects. The only methods of obtaining an Unusual item are by potentially unlocking a Mann Co. Supply Crate with a Mann Co. Supply Crate Key or via trading. The chances of uncrating an Unusual item are about one in one hundred, or 1%. Unlike regular items which can only obtained from specific crates, any Unusual item with any particle effect can be randomly obtained from any given crate of any Series.
Due to their unique particle effect decorations and their extremely low probability of being obtained from crates, Unusual items are considered to be some of the rarest items in TF2.

Haunted - Haunted is an item quality designated for Halloween-themed items. Many, but not all, Halloween items have a Haunted version.
Costume pieces from the Very Scary Halloween event could be obtained in Haunted quality if a Haunted Halloween Gift was found in the Underworld section of Eyeaduct. During the Spectral Halloween Special, items unboxed from Eerie Crates were Haunted, with the exception of the event in which an Unusual hat was found instead. There was also a chance that a Voodoo-Cursed Soul can be obtained in Haunted quality when a player used a Pile of Curses.
Haunted versions of items are visually and functionally identical in-game to their unique counterparts.

Community - he Community item quality is specifically granted by Valve to individuals who have made significant, valuable contributions to the Team Fortress 2 community or the game itself. Community items have the Community Sparkle particle effect attached and an additional description string stating "Given to valuable Community Contributors".
A small number of items with the community quality receive an additional boost to their Phong shading exponent, resulting in item having a glossier appearance (whenever the item's material specifically supports it using a material proxy). The Medigun material is one example of such a material.
Initially, Community items had a hidden item attribute which increased their damage capability by 10 percent, however, this has since been removed.
Stock weapons that were awarded the Community quality prior to the introduction of the Name and Description Tags are derived from their original Normal quality variants, making them unable to be named or described with either tag. Now, however, Community quality items are derived from Unique quality variants and behave as expected.

Self-Made - The Self-Made quality is an item quality assigned to items granted by Valve to the creators of items for Team Fortress 2 submitted via the Steam Workshop or the former contribution page on the TF2 Official Website. Like the Community quality, items with the Self-Made quality have the "Community Sparkle" particle effect attached and an additional description string set to "I made this!".

Valve - The Valve quality is assigned to items that are given to Valve employees. In some cases, they have the Flying bits particle effect attached. Because of their nature as developer items, they may possess stacked attributes as seen in the backpack example, however, these additional attributes are not part of the Valve quality itself. The Valve item shown in the backpack example is Robin Walker's Rocket Launcher

Collector's-Collector's is an item quality that is given to items obtained by completing special Chemistry Sets. The Chemistry Sets convert 200 Unique copies of the item into one Collector's item.
To Learn More Visit Here!
Advanced Trading

What Is The Currency Of Unusuals?
So in the unusual trading side of tf2 there is a currency which is not an official currency.

Bill's Hat= 6 Keys= .315 Buds
19 keys = 1 Bud
For A Price Check On Buds Click Here!

Buds are the basic currency of unusuals and were obtained a while back if you played on a MAC

More information on Buds can be found here!

What Is An Unusual?
An unusual is just like a regular hat except for one difference, it has a very cool effect. An Example would be this hat

Note: Unusuals are only obtained through crates or trading players directly for them.


The green flames is an effect that you can obtain on any hat in the game. A list of Effects Can Be Found Here!

For more information on what unusuals are click here!

How Do I Trade For Unusuals?
Well first you want to check the value of your unusual at this website Once you find the value of your hat head onto an unusual trading server. Let's say your hat is worth 2.7 Buds and you found someone selling their hat for 2.7 buds. You would trade them and you would both put up your hats but you would ask the guy for sweets. Sweets are little extra goodies that they add to the trade to make the trade more in your favor so you are more willing to take the offer. The sweets can add up after a while and that is what you are counting on!

Another guide on unusual trading can be found here!

Glitched Items
This Section is about glitched items, the glitched items are worth a lot!
Credit To Tf2PriceCheck.Net

Glitched items are very expensive due to the very limited number of them. Usually the owner sets the price due to the fact that there is no way to calculate a value

Vintage Items
Lumbricus Lid
Max Head
Gentle Manne's Service Medal
Alien Swarm Parasite
Ghastlierest Gibus
Big Kill
Bills Hat
Scrap Metal
Reclaimed Metal
Refined Metal
Companion Cube Pin
Self-Made Lugermorph w/Community Sparkle
Self-Made Lugermorph without/ Community Sparkle
Class-Token Spy
Class-Token Medic
Class-Token Pyro
Class-Token Heavy
Slot-Token PDA2
Cheater's Lament
Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask
Old Guadalajara
Missing Link

Mercenary / Soldier of Fortune / Grizzled Veteran / Primeval Warrior
Soldier of Fortune
Grizzled Veteran Missing Link
Primeval Warrior

Clean Items
Summer Set
Summer Hat
Lucky no. 42
Football-Manager NG Set
Ball-Kicking Boots
Merc's Pride Scarf
Vuvuzela Noisemaker
Dr. Grordbort's Crest
Last Breath (Can't be dropped, only way is to craft or buy, therefore, 100% clean = glitch)
Infernal Impaler (Same as last breath)
Missing Link
Apparations Aspect (Same as last breath)
Missing Link
Spine-Chilling Skull 2011
Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head
Moustachium Bar
Spacemetal Scrap
Black Rose
Poker Night at the Inventory
Dangeresque Too?
License to Maim
Non Vintage Lugermorph

Dirty Items
[url=Lumbricus Lid]Lumbricus Lid[/url]
Max Head
Big Kill Missing Link
Vintage Lugermorph
HOUWAR (Uncraftable)
Missing Link

Odd-Leveled Items
Lvl 97 B.M.O.C.
(Other levels include: 1, 2, 17, 29, 43, 75, 82, 83, 89, 99)
Lvl 100 Ebenezer
(Other levels include: 1, 4, 9, 23, 39, 41, 68, 75)
Bill's Hats
Lvl 5 Bills Hat
Missing Link
Lvl 5 Hero's Hachimaki
All Japan Genuine's Lvl 5 (Some already have lvl 5 as their standard lvl, those with 1 as standard lvl, has a lvl 5 glitch genuine version)
Stock Items
Master's Yellow Belt
Black Rose
Purity Fist
Deus Specs
Ellis cap
Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol
Missing Link
Frying Pan
Missing Link
Proffesor Speks
Missing Link

Other Glitch Items
2x Use Backpack Expander
5x Use Bacpack Expander
Premium Upgrade
Craftable SSFSS

Special Items
Person with 2 Mann Co. Caps

Limited Items
Painted Lucky-Shot
Painted Vita Saw (Need to look for it yourself, which shouldn't be to hard)
Painted Cow Mangler
Self-Made Mann Co. Supply Crate Key [/size]
Painted Pencil Pusher
Dirty Sun-on-a-stick
Dirty Volcano Fragment
Dirty Vita-Saw
No # Medal

What Is A Salvaged Mann Co. Crate?
"These particular crates are given to players much less frequently than a normal Mann Co. Supply Crate. Unlike event crates, it has no special key or expiration time." Basically these crates drop just as frequently as an unusual drops so if you get one might as well start unboxing! These crates contain some of the most expensive stranges in the same (Except Certain Strange Festives!) While the Salvaged Crate #50 stranges aren't worth as much as you'd like some of the Salvaged Crate #30 stranges are worth over 1 bud! Insane! The following stranges can be obtained from the following crates

Salvaged Crate #30:
Strange Ullapool Caber
Strange Kritzkrieg
Strange Holy Mackerel
Strange Gunslinger
Strange Machina

Salvaged Crate #40:
Strange Holiday Punch
Strange Sapper
Strange Huntsman
Strange Widowmaker
Strange Mantreads

Salvaged Crate #50
Strange Bacon Grease (Strange Pan)
Strange Construction PDA
Strange Original
Strange Invis Watch
Strange Splendid Screen

Select Reserve Mann Co. Supply Crate
Crate Series #60

Strange Disciplinary Action
Strange Loose Cannon
Strange Fan O'War
Pomson 6000 Strangifier
Strange Part: Kills with a Taunt Attack

What Are Festive Weapons?
"Festive weapons are a special classification of items. They are Weapons for each class wrapped in blinking Christmas lights powered by a battery pack, similar to the ones found on the Industrial Festivizer. Some also have bells, light bulbs, baubles, ribbons, or a different texture. Festive weapons were added to the game during both the Australian Christmas 2011 and the Mecha Update events.
The lights are green, yellow, and team-colored, even though the backpack icons depict both red and blue colors being on a weapon at the same time. The only exception is the Festive Stickybomb Launcher's lights, which are all white when its default style is selected.
They function exactly the same as normal weapons. The visual additions are purely cosmetic changes and have no effect on gameplay. Festive items could only be found by unlocking Naughty Winter Crates and are available in both Unique and Strange quality, though the Strange versions are much rarer." To sum all this up it's a Christmas time weapon that has some light wrapped around a weapon. While the unique versions of the weapons can be 1-3 Keys the Strange version of the festive weapons can be 2.5 buds!

To Learn More Visit This Page!
I Heard About TF2 Outpost How Do I Use It?

What Are Some Sites I Can Use?

What Are My Preferences?
I prefer scrap banking to any of the other methods because it is the steadiest income. Also knowing your prices is a good idea because let's say someone has an item worth 1.33 refined, you can buy it off them for 1 refined and re-sell it for a .33 refined profit!

I hope you all appreciate the time that was put into this!


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