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Creative Rules
For server-wide rules, see Help & guides. You can view most of these rules in-game at the world's spawn point.

#1: No griefing. Must be Member+ to build.

While it's been stated already in the Server Rules, we'd like once again remind you that grief of any kind will not be tolerated. Please do not alter the roads between plots, even if you have permissions to. While constructive criticism is allowed, be respectful to others and do not leave rude or inappropriate comments on plots, including your own. Only Member rank and up can build.

#2: Flying is permitted.

You may fly either through use of the /fly command or through any of the various flymods available online. We recommend Zombe's.

#3: Do not spawn/create illegal blocks or items.

By 'illegal', we mean anything that is not usually available to you in the Creative menu. You may use the /i command to spawn items as well as any mods that assist you in doing so (i.e. TooManyItems). Never ask staff to spawn items for you.

#4: Ask staff for additional plots. Limit 3 per player.

By default, you can a single plot in Creative. You may receive up to 2 additional plots only if your current plot(s) have seen considerable use. You may request a particular plot to be assigned to you, but this is ultimately decided at the staff's discretion. If your plots happen to be side-by-side, do not attempt to remove the road(s) between your plots.

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