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Server Rules
For map-specific rules, see Pigcraft Server. You can view these at any time by using /rules in-game.

#1: Be ethical. You've got a brain for a reason.

If you're not going to be mature, you're gonna have a bad time. If you don't know what mature means, you probably shouldn't be playing Minecraft. Either way, respect other players and mind your manners. Do not trespass on others' property unless permitted.

#2: Use /helpop to contact staff for server issues!

This one isn't strictly necessary, but you might as well do it anyway. The server can get chatty at times, at which point it's just easier to get our attention with /helpop <request>.

#3: No hacking, except where otherwise permitted.

Any attempts to gain an unfair advantage to gameplay (flying, x-ray, speedhack, etc.) will result in a ban. Having a modded client won't get you banned, but using it will. Exceptions to this rule are Minimap, TooManyItems, and flying in Creative (and Old Main if VIP).

#4: No griefing outside of allowed worlds.

We define "griefing" as destroying blocks/items that were not placed or initially obtained by you. Additionally, do not obstruct other players' builds or those of the server. In the event that a player dies or is killed, it is at your discretion whether or not to return the items.

Furthermore, do not disrupt gameplay for other players by abusing game mechanics. Staff are encouraged to work passively to resolve the issue, but will take immediate action if the issue causes server-wide complications.

#5: No spamming of any kind. Avoid CAPS!

Whatever you have to say, there's no way it's important enough to have everyone see it 5 times in a row. Long-time members will usually get a tempban for spamming, but newer players usually aren't so lucky. Also be aware that we count excessive use of vulgarity as spam (a little is fine).

#6: No advertising other servers, server hosting or real-world products.

Can't stress this enough. Don't post IPs in public chat - that's an instant ban.

#7: No begging for items. Apply for ranks on forums.

That includes asking for op, WorldEdit, or anything else that we obviously won't give you. If you're interested in climbing our ranks, you can read about them below.
#8: No excessive trolling.

This is one that you won't see in /rules. That's because it's really more for our staff. They like to poke fun at people occasionally. A little bit is fine, but if you ask them to stop, then they should stop. If they don't, feel free to report them by clicking here.

#9: No Mini-Modding.
This is for all players who do not hold a Moderator/Admin/StaffLeader Rank. If you are not staff you should not act or pretend to be such. There is a difference between telling someone what a rule is and telling them what to do. If a player is breaking rules then let them know that it is against the rules. If they continue inform the staff members that are online via /helpop. If no staff members are online then you can report the player on the forums by clicking here.
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