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Submissions: Best Casino (Contest)
Greetings, builders! Assuming you've made an entry for the Best Casino contest in Creative, you may submit it below. Make sure to follow this template:

Minecraft Username: ...
Title of work: ...
Why I should win (optional): ...

You must also include at least 1 screenshot of your artwork, no more than 3. Again, you must include a pic of your art!!
The prize for this contest is $5,000 iCo and 15 mcMMO levels in the skill of the winner's choice.
Entries close 09/29/2012. Judging will begin the following day.

Good luck!
No, just me being an idiot. Fixed.
How do you make an entry..?
Hello. Please PM me if you need a respose to one of my posts. I tend to post, then forget.
(09-10-2012, 07:35 PM)Micky2506 Wrote: How do you make an entry..?

You're kidding right? Build the best casino and post it here. Follow the template above. o-o
Does it have to be on pigcraft? Or can i make it in a singleplayer creative world?
350th post!
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If you have any questions about my posts, please PM me.

It has to be made on Pigcraft.
I'll be entering my casino when I can get on the server :)
Only 10 days left to post entries!
can it be in creative or in the main world
Dev enjoying his bunnies

Random Staff Noobie
(09-19-2012, 06:30 PM)karatekid6199 Wrote: can it be in creative or in the main world

It can be in Pigtopia, as long as you only use blocks from the Creative menu.

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