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Poll: Should i be a member or not? random poll
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Thunder_waffe's Hellos
Hey all (:
My name is Thunder_waffe and I have been on minecraft multiplayer for 8 months and in those 8 months i've been on pigcraft for 2 months. (still haven't been promoted lol)
i am currently a 'knight' (it goes guest, pawn, knight, bishop, rook then king, a knight+ is a mod) on the server 'friendly server' which i reach by the address: (im not trying to advertise just saying lol) which i've been on the friendly server for 8 months.
i hope to have a great time on pigcraft but it wont be my permanent server
Thanks, Thunder -.-
forget the poll and this will be one of my permanent servers (: i love it
got 12 tickets in lottery atm lol
Hahaha, nice to meet you Thunder_waffe. You from Germany by any chance?
Why did you add a poll...

Don't ask for member..

But welcome!
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he is allowed 2 for nao...

just remember, if u ask for meber, ur rep go daon

Clicky Clicky:
HA! u clicked!



Meh, random poll. Not going to bark, but just don't do it again.

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Ooo goody another server....
Promoted - Demoted - Banned - Unbanned - Promoted -Demoted- Banned - Unbanned - Promoted - Demoted - Banned.
Story of my life.

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yeah wasn't meant to put poll up and i wasn't asking for promote... just saying (:
the poll was meant to be heading, sorry *facepalm*

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