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Unlike most servers, Pigcraft is operated for free! Thanks to where I work, I get free dedicated hosting for it. And another big thanks to all who previously donated, we were able to buy our own dedicated Linux server in 2012. Donations are still appreciated and all the money received will be invested back in the Pigcraft community with occasional draws.

Beside our thanks, for your donation you would also get the following (for life, subject to change):

Between 1$ and 10$ USD you get:
  • Your name in the Hall of Donors
Match or exceed 10$ USD to get:
  • In-game Donor group!
  • Get your own custom chat color (except red and black)
  • A reserve slot on the server if it’s full!
  • Immunity to AFK kick
  • Use colors in chat
  • Create private [LIFT] signs
  • Set blocks as your head with /hat
The following MAY be given as gifts by staff and are NOT part of your transaction:
  • Keep your inventory when you respawn! (except in PvP worlds)
  • X 1000 the money donated in-game (so 1$ donation would give you 1000$ in game)
  • Use of /kit food (except in PvP worlds)
  • Up to 3 Creative plots
  • Up to 3 /home locations
  • A reserve slot on the server if it’s full!
  • Free /home
  • Use of /heal (except in PvP worlds)
Please note that being a donor doesn’t immune you from /ban. Although we might be more tolerant on some aspects, breach of our Server Rules will not be tolerated.

Donations can be sent via Paypal at or by clicking this link: > DONATE <

Please PM me your info (Minecraft UUID, PayPal email used and chat color, if applicable) once you have donated.

Thanks again for your support!


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