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Minecraft Account Restart - MajesticWerewolf - 09-15-2017

I have deleted my old Minecraft account and created a new account, because my Minecraft Windows 10 Edition code was redeemed on my old Microsoft account, and I wanted to redeem the Windows 10 Edition on my new account.

I am going to re-purchase Minecraft next week. I have the coords of my base, all my stuff is in my chests, I have also unclaimed my base. So I don't mind losing progress.

I am not sure if this would affect my donor rank. Would I have to repurchase my donor rank, or will it be transferred to my new Minecraft account?


RE: Minecraft Account Restart - YvonnetheGreat - 09-17-2017

Hey catz, since you've already donated in the past, there's no need to re-donate. Once you're ready, pm me here or on discord and I'll hop on and give you the rank.

RE: Minecraft Account Restart - MajesticWerewolf - 09-17-2017

Ok, thanks for helping :)

RE: Minecraft Account Restart - MajesticWerewolf - 09-20-2017

Thanks NazzyDragon for fixing my donor rank.

My McMMO also seems to be tranferred.

RE: Minecraft Account Restart - NazzyDragon - 09-23-2017

(09-20-2017, 11:11 AM)iPhantomWolf Wrote: My McMMO also seems to be tranferred.

See, that, I didn't do.

Weird how McMMO do dat