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Ban Appeal- I'm Sorry - cratos198 - 01-01-2015

Hi Pigcraft owner, admins!
I haven't been on the server for at least a year now because i was banned for acting badly, i believe i put in a ban appeal earlier in the year (2013), but now seeing as it is 2015 i know i have not been acting like i want to be on the server. I recently got back on minecraft and have been playing it a lot with some of my friends that i met from pigcraft, they want me to join the server, but i cannot. I  think the admin that banned me was adam(something) I sadly cannot remember the admins full IGN im sorry...
I'm sorry for the way i acted and i would appreciate it if i could play again. i would follow the rules, and have fun with my friends! Also i would love it if i got to be friends with the owners and admins. Thanks :3
My IGN is cratos198
(Happy New Years!)   

RE: Ban Appeal- I'm Sorry - Catsof - 01-01-2015

I'd be open to an unban. We've never had any admins related to the name "adam"; what exactly does it say when you try to log in?

RE: Ban Appeal- I'm Sorry - Catsof - 01-01-2015

Via PM:
cratos198 Wrote:Hi catsof, the website would not let me reply to your question, it say's i don't have permission to this action.
Whenever i try to log in it say's
You are banned from this server!
Reason: Banned by an operator.
I'm sorry that i cannot recall the name of the admin that banned me.

Because no reason was included, nor was a name included, I vote for unban. Will unban in 24 hours unless other staff members object.

RE: Ban Appeal- I'm Sorry - Devojha - 01-01-2015

I vote unban!

RE: Ban Appeal- I'm Sorry - Catsof - 01-04-2015

It appears as though I do not have permission to unban you, as your ban was made by an operator.

RE: Ban Appeal- I'm Sorry - NazzyDragon - 01-04-2015

I'll see what I can do. Give me just a minute.... damn permissions change.

Edit: Holy mother of permissions EXPLOSION. Everything is messed up hardcore. I get a null error trying to unban. I'll fwd this to HP.