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Full Version: Lost inventory on death
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When I die, I lose all the items in my inventory.

The items are not dropped on the ground, they are permantly lost.

Inventories are also not shared between the main and old worlds.
About what time did this first occur?
I noticed this bug occur after the server updated to 1.12.
I've tweaked PerWorldInventory settings and believe both issues should be fixed. Let me know!
lost mine too :(

Date: Fri 3:55 PM Central
The sharing issue is now fixed, just tested it.

If either of you have lost anything of importance, have an Admin+ restore them for you per this thread.
You can send me a PM and I can handle it while you are offline.

I reserve the right not to grand outrageously expensive inventories, as we have no way of actually seeing what you hand on hand, and are going by your word.

I'll do my best to make up for what you lost, though.

Please just include a list and your in-game username.
I still loose my inventory on every death in surival world. I lost a whole bunch of stuff because Ive been playing with it for awhile. Anyway its still happening in survival
As donor rank? May just be a permissions issue.
(12-21-2017, 03:21 PM)NazzyDragon Wrote: [ -> ]As donor rank? May just be a permissions issue.

Both of these issues have been resolved by HappyPikachu.