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Full Version: house got grieffed
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The buildings in my city got vandalized and someone stole 4 of my chests.He also killed all of my animals.I don't know who did that but it happened today because the last time I was on was yesterday so it may happened in morning or after noon (GMT-05:00) East (United-States and Canada).I am located  in biome deep ocean coordinates 393/63/-218

[Image: http://img11.hostingpics.net/pics/724244grieffed.jpg]
Did you protect your house using GriefProtection?
You can find a guide here: http://forums.pigcraft.net/showthread.php?tid=7042 -- Replace gold shovel with wood.

No means to fix this currently.
the same thing happened to me, my house got griefed, and all my chests are gone
Kitty, please only post in this if you have evidence or something important that will help in some way. I'm sure the staff as well as withoutearth has seen that the same thing happened, we are just trying to make the reports easier to read and it makes it easier for staff to sort through. Not going to bother with a warning, but next time keep it to information that will help solve or assist the staff in the issue