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So, I tried posting what happened once already, and it got deleted.

Because obviously the proper response to sexual harassment is, "Shut up, lady, we don't want this scandalous information getting out."

You know what? I'm not going to shut up. This happened to me, and everyone on the server should know it, and know not to trust this person. If it were just me, I would let them shut me up, but that would leave this guy to do it again and again, to other girls. I won't let that happen without at least warning people.

So, TheGodFather246 was really nice to me when we first met, for about 15 minutes. Then this happened:

[Image: http://oi58.tinypic.com/2nhnhj6.jpg]

That is an image of TheGodFather246 griefing my village. He killed all my villagers, took one building all the way down to the ground, and damaged two more. By, "damaged," I mean over 2/3 of the buildings were just... gone.

He apologized to me, and said that his little brother got ahold of the controls. I believed him.

So fast forward a few days later, and he noticed I was being a bit slow in chat. He asked for my phone number, and I gave it to him. This is the conversation that followed:


What a creep. Now, I know most of the people on the server have known him for quite a long time, and are shocked at his behavior. I spoke to someone on the server who, reportedly, knows the owner of the account in real life. Not only has the original owner not visited this server in over a year, but he has been hacked and harassed by some mysterious ne'er-do-wells. And neither of them have a little brother.

Now, since most of this took place off of pigcraft, the admins don't feel this deserves more than a slap on the wrist. (He was banned... for about a week.) I defer to their judgement, but I think the server community as a whole deserves to know what happened, if only to know that their friend has been replaced by a hacker.
Has this happened again since the last time you made a report?

This came to the attention of staff on April 15th, and action was taken. If nothing else has taken place afterwards, I don't see why you've made another thread.

The only reason this post is up is because the original post was deleted. In fact, I was told, in a private message, that the admins had voted and the post would be allowed to stay, but an hour later it was taken down. The only reason this is here is because I think the server, as a whole, deserves to know what happened in full, rather than the vicious, false rumors that are circulating right now.
No no no, this is not where you report this. You are perfectly able to block his number and ignore him. As a female, I refuse to let other women play the "victim card"

If this happened on Pigcraft, I'd be happy to help you. If this did not happen on Pigcraft (the phone portion is outside of pigcraft, so I'm removing that) I cannot help you.

I'm sorry. Stop posting this here please. I will not ask you again. Please only report things of such that happened on this server. I'm sorry some staff said the thread would remain, but after further inspection, it wasn't fair to keep the thread up, as he had done nothing on our server. We are, however, keeping our eyes on him.

Quickedit: You know, you can probably report his number for something if you truly want to fix it. Police, something.
(05-06-2015, 05:24 PM)NazzyDragon Wrote: [ -> ]Quickedit: You know, you can probably report his number for something if you truly want to fix it. Police, something.

Agreed. While we do make an effort to go above and beyond the typical server admin/mod, we are not the authorities. If you are seeking legal help or protection, please contact your local police. The best we can do is ban the offending player.

We reserve the right to remove and/or modify any content on these forums, for any reason. Your previous thread was removed by thedemon999 with the reason being, "Going to hide this for now for personal security of both parties".