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Full Version: My introduction
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My name is Luigi2014 (I keep my real name for ppl I know in rl), and I am a 22 year old Canadian college graduate in electrical engineering. I’m great with Redstone inventions/creations in minecraft as a lot of it ends up as practice for stuff I have already learnt during those 3 years of college. I also specialize in 1:1 pixel art and 3D statue building of player’s skins. I’m a fun, generous and kind person though if pushed I will shove back if need be.

On a last note if anyone wishes to learn basics/advanced system mechanics of Redstone I am always willing to teach people. Just give me a shout if you want to set up a time. You can feel free to check out the post I made under the Redstone creations to show just a glimpse of some of what I can do.
buump, can someone make this guy a member now? lol
Hey was advised to post here to try to get this fixed.
I was a registered member and this thread proves it but after connecting after the wipe I am somehow back at guest. So can anyone possibly see what's up with that?
Fixed! Sorry for the bug out. :p